Process Units

 1-Naphtha Hydro treating Unit


In this unit the the feed (straight run Naphta) is treated to remove impurities, heavy metals, sulpher components, nitrogen, and oxygen component.


2- New Naphtha Hydro treating Unit 201



Capacity: 824000 Tons/Year

Construction Date: October 2010

Start Up Date: September 2013

Technology owner: UOP

Professional services: ENPPI

Construction By: Petrojet

Commissioning & Star up Supervision by: ANRPC

Products :

1- light Naphtha 270000 Tons / year

2-Heavy Naphtha 540000 Tons / year

3-Butane Gas 10000 Tons / year

3-Gases 4 Tons / year



3-     Isomerization Unit


The Feed for this unit is light-naphtha from Naphtha Hydro treating Unit from which Isomerate with high octane is produced   (90 RON).

4-     Platforming Unit


The Feed for this unit is the heavy-naphtha from Naphta Hydro treating Unit from which high octane Reformate   (up to 102 RON) is produced. 

5-     LPG Recovery Unit


The LPG is considered as a side product where it is recovered and treated.

*     Splitter Unit  (ELAB Co. Owner)


The Feed for this unit is the Reformate from platforming unit where a light Reformate cut is produced and directed to ELAB Company to absorb benzol and re-directed back to ANRPC storage tanks.

6-     Facilities And Utilities:




A- Main Electrical Sub-station


The main transformers station, potential 66/11 k Volts. Transformers design power 2*35 Mega Volt-Amperes in redundant configuration.

 The operation of transformers and distribution of power are secured using the most resent technologies in electrical isolation (GIS) using the SF6 system. 



B- Boiler


The design capacity of steam generating boiler is 100 Tons/hour to fulfill the needs of both ANRPC and Alexandria Petroleum Company.

And also enough for the future projects f the company.



C- Control Room


The most advanced systems are used for automatic control, alarms, and emergency 

shutdown via a digital Distributed  Control System (DCS) depends on  the newest technology of that field.


Also using Advanced Process Control and Optimization system. 



D-Cooling Towers


A closed cooling system  to cool products and machinery. 


Depending on reusing the coolant through cooling towers. 

E- Water Treatment Unit


Water treatment unit with capacity 180 m3/hour


The unit feeds:

(1) 120 m3/hour Soft  water to the Boiler

(2) 60 m3/hour Demineralized water 



7- Tanks


An integrated net of storage tanks.The overall storage capacity of the company tanks is 138000 m3 Using the most recent systems for standard measurement (ATG) to measure the tanks level.

8- Blending




Blending of Reformate and Isomerate and Butane is made using automatic blending unit using newest computer programs. 














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