Brief About Company

Company foundation date: September 1999

Company`s Activity:

Establishing, managing, and operation of productive units in the field of refining,

manufacturing and Petrochemical to produce various high quality petroleum and

petrochemicals products.


Alexandria Petroleum Company: 524 Million Egyptian Pounds (72.99%)

National Bank of Egypt: 131 Million Egyptian Pounds (18.25%)

Bank of Alexandria: 56 Million Egyptian Pounds (7.75%)

Misr Insurance Company: 4 Million Egyptian Pounds (0.54%)

Misr Life Insurance : 3 Million Egyptian Pounds (0.47%)

Total: 718 Million Egyptian Pounds


Goals of the Company

In the light of the policy of the Egyptian Petroleum Ministry, for more production of the free of additives, high-octane gasoline, And according to the country's directions to protect the environment. In addition to cover the growing local market demand. Moreover, to export the excess.Achieving the horizontal integration between the refineries and petroleum and petrochemical industries, both basic and specialized, and to increase the added value.
Naphtha Reformer Complex

Purpose of Project:

-  Producing high octane gasoline (free of additives)

-  Possibility of using reformat components in petrochemicals production

-  Protecting the environment from the pollution resulting from using additives

-  Increasing forigen currency

-  Availbility of new jobs and limiting unemployment


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